Platform Tennis Courts will be open for play on November 4, 2019

Platform Tennis at GPC starting Fall of 2019

Paddle has an extremely fun geometric quality embedded into the structure of the sport. Unlike tennis, once the ball hits the court surface it can be played off the screens until it hits the surface a second time. This gives players in the back-court ample time to play a shot.
The result?
A much more dynamic and strategic version of tennis with the potential for longer, more creative points.

Aside from the unique physical properties of the sport, there are many other reasons to play paddle. It is one of the only sports that can be played outdoors during the winter!  Snow and ice are cleared using heaters located underneath the raised platform surface. 

It is also well heralded for the social atmosphere it provides as there are many leagues and events throughout the season.

We will offer the following Paddle Programs:


The regular paddle season runs from the beginning of fall through the end of winter but spring and summer leagues will also be available.

Glenbrook Paddle Club offers programs for players of all types.  Click the links below to learn more about each program!

Players with less than 3 complete seasons of paddle under their belt will benefit from this 5-week program designed to rapidly accelerate their understanding of the framework for paddle tennis point structure.  This course will cover the following:


  • Complete overview of each individual stroke type
  • Elementary strategy and court positioning
  • How to utilize screens
  • How to properly keep score and start points

Geared toward players with at least 3 years of playing experience, these courses are designed to enhance technical skillsets to improve the execution of shots.  Courses include the following:


  • Spin Generation (2 levels)
  • Topspin/Roller Progression (2 levels)
  • Serve Augmentation (3 levels)
  • Block Lob/Screen Lob Development (2 levels)
  • Drive/Volley Sequence (2 levels)
  • Overhead Advancement (3 levels)

Players with at least 3 years of playing experience looking to enhance their strategic approach to the game will benefit from the following courses:

See Platform Tennis Drill Outline

The CPTC League is the largest paddle tennis league in the country.  Teams in this league will compete against other clubs in the Chicago area on a designated match day/time.  The CPTC league offers a great format for consistent competition across a wide variety of skill levels.  Schedules are listed below:


Men’s matches:

  • October 2nd-March 14th
  • Tuesday-Thursday 7:00PM-10:00PM

Women’s matches:

  • October 11th-March 22nd
  • Thursday 9:00AM-12:00PM, 12:00PM-3:00PM
  • Friday 9:00AM-12:00PM

For more information please contact William Colmar

The Glenbrook Paddle Club League is an in-house league that allows members easy access to a fun, social and competitive format at the club.  Members will compete for individual efficiency ratings and the winner of each division will receive a year-end prize.

Glenbrook Paddle Club will be hosting matches for the growing demand for spring and summer league play.  Schedules TBD.

Junior paddle clinics will be available for kids looking for a fun winter activity!  Paddle is a great way for kids to enjoy the outdoors while bonding and learning a new skillset. In addition to the clinics we also will offer the following Junior programing:


  • Pizza & Paddle
  • High School Leagues
Membership Costs:

Premier Membership = $995.00 ($895.00 if you register before June 15th)

  • Paddle Club and FREE Pickle Club Membership
  • Paddle Club Court time cost: FREE
  • Receive 10 hours of FREE Pickle Club Court Time
  • FREE Guest Passes (Introductory year only)
  • 1 FREE Group Drill
  • May book court time 72 hours in advance of play

Elite Membership = $895.00  ($795.00 if you register before June 15th)

  • Paddle Club and FREE Pickle Club Membership
  • Receive 10 hours of FREE Paddle Club Court Time
  • Receive 5 hours of FREE Pickle Club Court Time
  • FREE Guest Passes (Introductory year only)
  • May book court time 48 hours in advance of play
  • Court time cost:  $5.00 per hour

Basic Membership = $695.00  ($595.00 if you register before June 15th)

  • Priority to play over a non member
  • May book court time 24 hours in advance of play
  • Guest Fee cost:  $5.00 per person
  • Court time cost:  $10.00 per hour