Will Colmar

Meet The Pros:

WILL COLMAR: Paddle Director


  • PPTA Certified Since 2009
  • 9 Years of Platform Tennis teaching and playing experience
  • Taught at Lake Forest Club and North Shore Country Club
  • Ranked #39 at end of 2015-2016 Season (partner Paul Rose)
  • Ranked #16 at end of 2017-2018 Season (partner Adam Morgan)
  • Finished 9th at 2018 APTA National Championships
  • Played Collegiate Tennis at Gustavus Adolphus College

Maximize each player’s experience through technical, strategic and conceptual growth.  By achieving higher levels of physical skill, more advanced strategy, and better understanding of theory, a player will be able to enjoy the complexities of competition to the best of their ability. 


Emphasize growth over results.  This is extremely important because there are very few instances where a technique or strategy can be implemented immediately without some degree of failure.  Techniques and strategies must be practiced, tested, and repeated many times before they can be adequately implemented.  Furthermore, once they are ready for implementation, the pressure of competition will present another challenge in the execution of the desired result.  Growth requires the courage to pursue your goal despite the fear of failure and the stubbornness to persevere once you have failed.  Eventually growth delivers a new instrument that will allow for much greater results.

Highly Important Information about William Colmar:

  • Favorite tennis player growing up was Andre Agassi
  • Pet Peeves are Static Electricity and Mosquitoes
  • Eats Oreos one sleeve at a time
  • Went to a Taylor Swift concert and decided it was actually pretty good
  • Ties shoes using the “bunny ear” method
  • Terrified of Heights and big bodies of water